Welcome to the website of TS Resolution, the East Grinstead Division of the Nautical Training Corps

The Nautical Training Corps is a uniformed organisation spread across the south of England, catering for young people aged eight years and above. More information about the history, aims and objectives of the NTC as a whole can be found on the National Website.

Other units near

Resolution, along with TS Swiftsure (Copthorne, Crawley) and TS Defiance (New Addington, Croydon) make up the Northern Region of the NTC.


We meet on a night which we call our 'Deck Night', between 7pm (1900) and 9pm (2100). We will have a range of things going on, depending on the time of year and our schedule.
We may be in full uniform on a standard parade night, teaching classes concerning anything from marine navigation to survival techniques, uniform maintenance to first aid, communication skills to ropework and almost any subject in between.
We may be in working rig (a more casual version of our uniform) playing games, or possibly doing rifle-shooting or archery.
During the summer, we make the most of the light warm evenings, and may be outside on hikes, having barbecues or spending evenings swimming at the beach.

TS Resolution is a youth organisation established in the area of East Grinstead since 1960. We are currently looking for new recruits, boys and girls between the ages of 8 to 16 to join a fun and exciting youth group. If your reading this and think that this is exactly for you or your children then please contact us. We offer challenging, exciting activities for all ages so please come and see what we're all about.


For Cadets

Q: This seems interesting and I would like to give it a try, but I don't have any knowledge of the NTC or Naval Seamanship. Do I need to worry?

A: No you don't need to worry. You will be taught everything you need to know.

Q: I like the look of the NTC, but do I have to do every activity?

A: We will not force you to do any activity you do not like. We will encourage you to have a go first though if you've never tried it before. You may find you love it after a few goes!

Q: Can I just join the band?

A: No, you must attend all deck nights before joining the band.

Q: Can I join but not attend every week?

A: Not usually, as we like the cadets to show the same dedication and loyalty as the rest of the Ship's Company. However, alternative arrangements can be discussed to deal with any temporary problems that may arise.

Q: Do I have to wear the uniform?

A: Yes, we expect all cadets and officers of the NTC to wear their uniforms with pride.

For Adults

Q: Are there any checks you run when I join?

A: Yes. When you join you will be asked to provide two referees and we will run a full DBS Police check on you. You will not be allowed to work unsupervised with the cadets until these checks have been cleared.

Q: Do I get paid to do this?

A: No, all NTC personnel are unpaid members.

Q: Do I have to wear a uniform?

A: You do if you join as an officer, but as a committee member you do not.

Child Protection

Protecting young people from harm is central to the thinking of all youth organisations. There is no single solution to this issue, rather a combination of procedures that make it difficult to avoid detection.

In the Nautical Training Corps, all who have unsupervised or regular supervised access to young people are required to apply for a criminal record check from the Disclosure & Barring Service; (DBS). This provides a degree of assurance about the past of the applicant.

We have taken the step of requiring checks for adults who have regular supervised access because we believe that there is a risk that trust built whilst under supervision could be abused outside the activities of the organisation.

All new adults are required to serve a period of probation, during which all access to young people is supervised, to allow the organisation to establish first hand experience of the person before he or she is allowed to take sole charge of young people.

Checking new adults is only part of the story. The Rules and Regulations of the Nautical Training Corps set out procedures to provide on going protection and reassurance. Constant vigilance is really the only way that protection can be effectively provided to young people.

An important part of protection is recognition by others. Our training for adults includes instruction on recognising the signs of abuse and their duties in reporting to the authorities. The adults within the organisation play an important role in monitoring the young people in their charge and being constantly vigilant for, and responsive to, any issues that may arise.

Contact Us

To contact us with any questions, or to find out more information on how to join, please use our Contact Form.

National Headquarters

National Headquarters is a building that serves as the main base of operations and serves as the organisations main offices for administrative and training staff, including Resources Department. National Headquarters takes responsibility for the overall success of the organsisation and is also referred to as the NHQ.

National Headquarters,
72 Wick Farm Road,
West Sussex
BN17 7HG