RYA Dinghy Day Sailing

On completion of this course, the successful sailor will have a confident, safe approach to planning and executing a short cruise in a dinghy.

It is assumed that that every cadet starting this course has already mastered the practical skills and absorbed the background knowledge required for Basic Skills Level 2. In addition, sailors wishing to cruise independently should ensure that they understand and can carry out the manoeuvres in the Seamanship Skills part of the syllabus.

The course will be supervised by a Coastal Senior Instructor and will normally be conducted on coastal waters.

Trained instructors, using appropriate supervision ratios with regard to the location and competence of the cadets, will give tuition. The course will include the planning and execution of a short cruise.

Cadets will be kept informed of their individual progress throughout the course.

Candidates who hold the RYA Day Skipper Shore Based Course Completion certificate or higher level cruising award may gain exemption from the chart work part of Section B.


Rigging: Sailing techniques and manoeuvres: Adverse conditions: SECTION B: SAILING BACKGROUND

Sailing theory and background: Navigation: First aid: Meteorology: Experienced sailors direct assessment: