Annual Events

Units within the Nautical Training Corps annually take part in several key events in the NTC calendar in addition to a variety of public engagements throughout the year...
National Swimming / Athletics Competition

New for the Corps is the National Swimming and Athletics Competitions. Held on different days, we see the Corps being brought together once again for the cadets to compete in numerous heats during the individual competitions. Even if the cadets are not keen on swimming, we are able to accommodate for everyone with our adjustable swimming pool floor.

Founders Day - June

Each year in June, units from across the Corps meet together to celebrate the founding of the Nautical Training Corps and the accomplishments of Cadets and Officers for the previous year to date. The event typically will involve a parade to music, a short service and demonstrations and activities from the Corps units. 2014 saw the Corps celebrate its 70th Founders Day celebrations.

Shedfield Camp - September

Always popular is the Shedfield National Camp. This allows Cadets (and Officers) to let their hair down a little and take part in a variety of different outdoor activities from archery to raft building, indoor outdoor caving to rifle shooting and plenty more. Perhaps one of the most enjoyed events of the year. For more information, visit the Shedfield Camp website.

National Band Competition - October

A real display of talent. Surprises arrive year on year as units engage in a battle of the bands competing in new and ingenious ways to display music and marching. Previous displays have seen impressive performances of a variety of music from traditional band pieces to Dr Who and even Coldplay arrangements.

National Headquarters

National Headquarters is a building that serves as the main base of operations and serves as the organisations main offices for administrative and training staff, including Resources Department. National Headquarters takes responsibility for the overall success of the organsisation and is also referred to as the NHQ.

National Headquarters,
72 Wick Farm Road,
West Sussex
BN17 7HG