Welcome to NBAC Attentive NTC

The Corps' boating centre in Shoreham Harbour.

NBAC Attentive NTC is the Nautical Training Corps' National Boating and Activity Centre based in Southwick, Shoreham Harbour. The centre is always looking for new volunteer boating instructors.

About NBAC Attentive

NBAC Attentive is in Shoreham Harbour. The main events held at Attentive are three annual Bank Holiday fun days, when the entire Corps is invited to enjoy activities including sailing, kayaking, power boating and a barbecue.

A particular attraction of this centre is its non-tidal waters, making it especially safe. Activities catered for include dinghy sailing, sail cruising, power boating and canoeing.

The centre boasts a variety of equipment. Like NSTC Lion, Attentive is available for hire by other volunteer organisations who wish to benefit from its excellent facilities. Attentive is a day centre only and has no staff, so groups using the centre must have their own instructors and accommodation. In some cases, given enough notice, we may be able to help find instructors for you.

If you wish to make an enquiry, please use our contact form.

NBAC Attentive

If you wish to contact NBAC Attentive, please use this contact form and someone will hopefully reply to you shortly.

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